AVALANCHE EXTRA EU, s.r.o. was founded in 2011 and its main focus is on business activity for wholesale – deliveries of goods to Slovak and Czech markets and for retail – directly to the customers in Slovakia.

Our main portfolio of products is composed of tools used in deratization, disinfestation and disinfection. We also deal with specific kind of products sold in chemist's shops. Our products are used by farmers, fish and farm animal breeders, warehouse operators, but mostly by gardeners, fruiters, bee-keepers and others.

We offer fumigation service, which is gassing of antique goods, books, furniture, warehouses and contaminated areas. We prefer using poison-free products which do not harm the environment, public health, agriculture and manufacturing of groceries. Our products respect the strict criteria there are when dealing with DDD products.

Our company also offers advertising and advisory services in terms of DDD, which are stated in the Small Business Register and Commercial Register of the Slovak republic. Our high-qualified employees with certificates relevant to the service conduct interventions against animal pests.

We obey standards of the Slovak Republic that had been created with cooperation of the European Union. We insist on quality of our products and use only products manufactured in the European Union.

Our objective is to be helpful, serious, and fair and obey bilateral cooperation between our company and a client.